Apartment Campaign

Dead Babies

Session 2

The party investigated the Zdrousek Tome to find the painted skeletal supplicants, the silvered skeleton of Ivanovich Zdousek, the Manuals of Legacy, and Ivanovich’s late family.

They plundered the valuables, killed the painted supplicants, and unsealed the family.

As they left the graveyard all of the crows had left.

They went back to the mayor who was sitting with a gnarled aged man upon which the mayor immediately won a bet that they would come talk to him instead of skipping town.

The mayor explained that he had the skull of Ivanovich (but would not let Kiku see it) and that he knew of all of this due to running into the tome of Elin, another of the twelve.
He and his mentor had a “disagreement” upon which Kosilo left his mentor there and split ways.

Kosilo says he did a good amount of research to find out Dirksburg was another of the towns under the grasp of the Twelve Families.

He came here, saw the gross way the previous mayor was treating them, and infiltrated the tome. Then, during a festival where he knew the mayor was treating people especially poorly he carefully disrupted the ritual.

The people put him in power after putting the previous mayor in the ground.

Kosilo said the crows were a communication system and by disturbing the tome so much they had set it off. He gave hints that too many tomes disrubted would cause Gildagogia to awaken.

The party then went back to the Silken Coin Caravan.



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