Apartment Campaign

Dead Babies
Session 2

The party investigated the Zdrousek Tome to find the painted skeletal supplicants, the silvered skeleton of Ivanovich Zdousek, the Manuals of Legacy, and Ivanovich’s late family.

They plundered the valuables, killed the painted supplicants, and unsealed the family.

As they left the graveyard all of the crows had left.

They went back to the mayor who was sitting with a gnarled aged man upon which the mayor immediately won a bet that they would come talk to him instead of skipping town.

The mayor explained that he had the skull of Ivanovich (but would not let Kiku see it) and that he knew of all of this due to running into the tome of Elin, another of the twelve.
He and his mentor had a “disagreement” upon which Kosilo left his mentor there and split ways.

Kosilo says he did a good amount of research to find out Dirksburg was another of the towns under the grasp of the Twelve Families.

He came here, saw the gross way the previous mayor was treating them, and infiltrated the tome. Then, during a festival where he knew the mayor was treating people especially poorly he carefully disrupted the ritual.

The people put him in power after putting the previous mayor in the ground.

Kosilo said the crows were a communication system and by disturbing the tome so much they had set it off. He gave hints that too many tomes disrubted would cause Gildagogia to awaken.

The party then went back to the Silken Coin Caravan.

Drinking in Dirksburg
Session 1


Our story began in a small town near Dirksburg: Brackenfield.
Kiku and Koten were in a bar, Kiku fumbled into somebody very aggressive, Koten moved to protect her and things were getting heated.

Skylark noticed this, was annoyed that people were disturbing his drinking time, and tried to calm things down. That said… he was drunk. He made some comment on how everyone should calm down because their egos really weren’t worth getting upset over and was promptly punched in the face.

At this point the town guard came into the bar and Kiku, Koten, and Skylark had to flee the village. They have been frieends (???) ever since!

They managed to convince a travelling trade caravan to take them aboard, Koten as a guard, Kiku as a medical assistant (an iffy proposition until Alhbun talked to the leader of the caravan… the leader which, as of yet, no one has talked to) and Skylark as Skylark.

On the Road to Dirksburg

Overall the road to Dirksburg was rather uneventful. Koten noticed something very odd, though. There were crows flying on the road away from Dirksburg every two and a half hours like clockwork… even at night.
Crows don’t do that.
At first 1 crow flew past, two and a half hours later 2 crows, two and a half hours later 3 crows, two and a half hours 1 crow again. This pattern repeated itself without variance.
Crows don’t do that either.

While Koten was wondering about the odd mysteries of the night Skylark had found himself involved in completely different mysteries of the night in the form of the animal handler, Ered.

Kiku managed to get quite drunk, and spent the night cuddled up in the corner of some kindhearted couple’s tent as she was completely unable to find her own.


Ah Dirksburg.
This is a small little town but close enough to the trade routes which web outward from Temron Bay to be fairly well off.

The group was approached by Mayor Kosilo who asked them if they could kill a zombie. Allegedly a zombie in their graveyard gets up once a month on the 13th and he has no idea why. They have tried moving the graveyard, hiring a cleric, to no avail.
Apparently Mayor Kosilo hires passing adventurers or mercenaries every month as he does not want to risk guardsmen.

The party got the sense that this man was not quite on the level but after a while agreed.

In the graveyard there was, sure enough, a zombie. There was also a large mausoleum in the center of the graveyard to which Kiku responded “adventure” and Koten opened while Skylark was shaking his head.
Inside is the Zdousek family crypt with two stone coffins and an empty pedestal. Further inspection found a cleverly hidden secret door behind the pedestal to which, after pushing did not work, Koten applied his battleaxe.
After some very loud banging noises he was able to break through the rock to find an odd black wall which did not budge. Kiku remembered reading somewhere that some of the really old mausoleums had hidden chambers only accessible by placing the family crest somewhere.

The group then went to talk to Kosilo again having completed their deed and under the suspicion that he may have the Zdousek family crest.

A conversation with the Mayor and a subsequent trip to the Unsavory Crow Inn resulted in the following:

  • Skylark convinced Kosilo to up their pay to 45 gp each from 15 gp each
  • The group agreed to leave Dirksburg by evening
  • They learned that while Kosilo is not of the Zdousek family his predecessor was
  • Skylark and Koten became very very very drunk while Kiku fell under the effects of hallucinogens drinking some of the most dangerous beverages in the Unsavory Crow Inn
  • After an arm wrestling contest between a drunk and Kiku on effectively-shrooms the innkeeper mentioned something about Kosilo letting him have a cut of the oysters, whatever that means
  • Apparently Kosilo had made the town realize that their then-mayor was a complete idiot and entered such a frenzy that they formed an angry mob, took out the old mayor, buried him in an unmarked grave, and made Kosilo mayor
  • The group had some “Dwarven Detox”. It very effectively removes alcohol from a person’s system… with a high chance of an adverse reaction that equals that of coming back from the dead.

Kiku and Skylark sporting a massive headache and Koten being pretty much fine the group made their way back to the graveyard. The zombie had been pacing a perfect circle around and empty area.

Koten starts digging with a shovel and after a good amount of time comes to a wooden box. As he is about to open it an arm shoots out of the box!
… missing him completely and getting stuck in the box.

The group quickly dispatches the zombie inside and does manage to find an large fancy stone Z with symbols on it.

Placing this in the mausoleum causes the hidden doorway to very slowly sink into the ground… as the two stone coffins open and zombies rise from them.
This is a bit more of a challenge for our intrepid adventurers but due to Skylark’s magic touch and Kiku’s unnatural fortitude they are able to survive as Koten hacks away at the zombies until they stop moving and a beautiful manner that someone could immortalize in song.

Just as the zombies fall the doorway finishes opening to reveal…
To be continued!

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