Irontome is less of a city than it is a large fortress around which a small city has made pitiful attempts to spring up.

There is a small market square, an Inn, and a couple farms around Irontome but the land is inhospitable and the weather generally terrible.

The main attraction in Irontome is, of course, the Iron Tome.
A large concrete cube built to be as defensible as possible, complete with arrow slits, a large iron gate, and a drawbridge.

The Iron Tome hosts an esoteric order of monks and scribes dedicated to the acquisition and preservation of knowledge. Knowledge of any kind lies within those dark stone walls though the more dangerous it is deemed the more defenses one has to bypass and there are several vaults that only the high council of the order are allowed entrance to.

There are rumors that deep underneath the Iron Tome lies a single chamber protected by powerful magics which contains a book by which a mortal could ascend to godhood.
That said there are also rumors the monks are actually golems made out of animated paper and that hens near Irontome only lay eggs in odd batches.

Really any place as impressive as that brick of a building is guaranteed to generate rumors over time.


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